4th of April '21

Modern time management with Time Captain


In all the projects and undertakings I have worked on over the years, there has always been one constant: there was too much work and too little time. So if our goal is to maximise our work output, but at the same time not to permanently overburden ourselves, we have to use our time efficiently. I started doing this around 10 years ago, back then with tools like ToDoist and Toggl. I liked both tools, but over time I wished for a tool in which I could efficiently combine task management and time management. Because ultimately, that's what I need: on the one hand, a task management tool so that I can keep track of things and get the most important things done at the same time, and on the other hand, a way to keep track of my hours so that I can learn how long I really need for something, so that I can plan better and estimate better next time. And that' s where it differs from other tools out there:

Even if this sounds trivial, in my opinion this self-organisation is key to achieving your goals. No more "I'll do it someday", but instead: I want to achieve this and for that I set aside X hours to do it. I was only able to implement the development itself with this mindset shift. I created the concept for this tool 9 years ago and never implemented it (wow ...) - that I can now make this tool available to you fills me with pride, because I can say that consistent time management makes it possible to implement things that were previously considered impossible.

Time Captain

First and foremost, Time Captain is free. I have developed this tool and use it daily for my work as an agile coach and project manager and I am happy to share it with others who may also need it.




I would be happy if the tool also helps you to manage your time better and thus come one step closer to your goals every day. After using it by myself for almost one year, I can say that the tool has considerably helped me to structure my everyday work-life and work more efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Try it out: Time Captain.

For the technically interested among the readers: Time Captain is based on the highly recommended Meteor framework, React JS and MongoDB.