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9th of Nov.

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Everything of my product is equally important

As a product owner in agile projects, one is often faced with the simple but difficult question of which product features should be implemented first. The article describes how to use the Kano model to group your requirements to better prioritize them.

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9th of Sept.

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Does everything have to be agile?

Are agile methods better than others? The answer is: "It depends". This article uses the Cynefin framework to describe when agile methods can be used sensibly and when classical methods yield better results.

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6th of July

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Consensus vs. Consent – or – how to reach group decisions efficiently

Making decisions in groups is difficult. Group dynamics, personal preferences and relationships often stand in the way of a good decision. Borrowed from the organizational form of "sociocracy", this article introduces the Consent method, which allows moderators and leaders to facilitate efficient decision-making in groups.

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8th of June

13th state of agile report by VersionOne CollabNet

What's current status of agile transformations around the world? The 13th state of agile report has the answers

Last month VersionOne CollabNet released their 13th state of agile report, which sums up agile experiences, methods and learnings from small to large enterprises around the world. Read more to find out where the worldwide agile transformation is at and what you can do to learn from their experiences. Image-copyright: CollabNet VersionOne, 13. state of agile report,

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5th of May

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Scaling Agile Series 1 - Why the most important question is NOT the Framework

Much more important than choosing the right framework is a complete understanding of agility. If you want to scale something, you need to make sure that it works on a small scale before you scale it - otherwise you make big problems out of small problems. In this article, I will talk more about the prerequisites you should give a thought, before starting on your scaled agile journey.

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